How to Get the Perfect Body for Your Body Type

By Hunter McIntyre
Hunter McIntyre Perfect Body Type

Body weight and body fat seems to command a lot of the conversations I am in these days. American culture is such a superficial mindset that dreams of beauty but commits acts of gluttony behind closed doors. Traveling the world this past year has shown me that we are on the forefront of the fitness industry but communities still suffer obesity because of a basic lack of knowledge to help them out. I chose to write this article to discuss what’s the right body type for you and why your diet and training can easily affect your outcome.

I stand 6-foot-2 and weigh anywhere between 180 and 205 pounds year round. I compete in sports that are designed for people who stand 5-foot-7 and weight between 140 and 160 pounds on average. My life is a battle of constantly trying to stay light so that I can stay within 20 pounds of my rivals as to not lose my competitive edge. It’s a constant struggle for me, but my career depends on it. The question is: Does this struggle have to be your life too?

There are three body types:
1. Ectomorph - thin and lean body type
2. Mesomorph - muscular and broader build
3. Endomorph - thicker and more inclined to gain weight

These are suggested body types, but none of them are 100 percent set in stone. So now you must define who you are and how can you use this chart to make your life an easier, healthier life.

Ectomorphs have it easy when it comes to staying lean, but sometimes you can push the limits and get the skinny fat body. Training cardio for body types like this wouldn’t be as beneficial as building muscle mass. By building muscle, people with this body type create a high metabolism and healthier build that will sustain a longer, lean build. Gaining muscle will be tough at first but once your body adjusts, the results are amazing for this body type. High calorie intake of carbohydrates tend to be a very good fuel for people with this build. Combine high levels of carbs with strength training to create the figure of your dreams!

Mesomorphs are a tricky game to play. This build can go either direction. This body can easily build muscle where ectomorphs tend to struggle but if you are a person who tends to indulge a lot you will become chunkier as the years go on. If you have this type of body, it’s good to mix your training up with cardio and strength training — 1:1 ratio is pretty ideal. One day, ride your bike. The next, go to the gym to do some strength but really put the work in and you’ll quickly see a build that mirrors humans and Xena the Warrior Princess. As for diet, I suggest using similar to the Paleo diet. Carbs aren’t necessarily the enemy but your meals should mostly consist of lean protein and dense vegetables. Following the above agrees really well with this medium pace metabolism while not having to torture yourself with portion control.

Endomorphs live the life of a constant uphill battle. Eating a donut for desert will show on your hips the next day. This isn’t the worst thing in the world but you’ll have to be quite picky about what you eat. Diet is the most important aspect of having the body you want if you have these genetics. Carbs are usually not a good idea ?. Sticking to a ketogenic diet (high fats) is often the best choice. As for training, high-intensity workouts are king! Bootcamps, Crossfit, spin class or even doing sprints in your backyard are amazing for shredding fat. Another good approach is: the more, the merrier! Try to stay as active as possible to prevent any chance of losing the battle against weight gain. I’ve seen tons of people have success following this rules. Just keep your hands out of the cookie jar and you’ll be a stud in no time.

That about wraps up my weekly post! I’m currently finish my article as l sprawl out in my leather chair perched in a cafe on an island off the coast of Stockholm. It’s a wild place — it’s a wild life! I wish you all luck on you journey. Until next week…