How To Make Sushi Fat Loss Friendly

Follow these tips to enjoy sushi and stay on track with your fat loss goals!

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Surprisingly, sushi can be made fat loss friendly, but it can also be a huge sugar and carb coma waiting to happen! It’s all about what you order. Forget skipping date night this weekend. Follow these tips to enjoy sushi and stay on track with your fat loss goals!

Hold the rice.
Sushi rice is cooked with added sugars and rice vinegar. To keep your dinner low carb and low sugar, sashimi pieces are perfect. At 40 calories and 6g protein per ounce, you can fill up on muscle building protein and healthy fats.

Say no to crunch.
Although delicious, deep fried rolls are the most calorically dense. Stick to rolls with the lowest calories such as Cucumber, Avocado or California. A safe low-calorie choice is always the vegetable roll as long as it’s not tempura style.

Fill up on greens.
The majority of sushi restaurants have side options like fresh cucumbers, avocados and sea vegetables. Take advantage of the seaweed salad, steamed veggies and edamame to feel full without empty calories.

Watch the spice.
In the sushi world, “spicy” means chili sauce mixed with mayo. This means the Spicy Tuna roll is secretly much higher in fat than predicted. To save yourself 100 calories, skip the spice and enjoy a plain Tuna Roll.

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