Get The Look For Less: You'll Never Guess What Olivia Pope Did On 'Scandal' This Week

By Dana Weiss

If the rest of the world considers Kate Middleton‘s bangs to be news, than it seems just as likely that they’ll care about the leather jacket that America’s mistress was wearing — even if it was only on a TV show. Olivia Pope is as well known for her sharp-thinking political-fixing as she is for her designer duds. Last week, however, in an unprecedented moment on Scandal, she confessed to having an affair with the President and wore a vegan leather jacket by Free People.

Every week, I watch Olivia Pope with equal parts awe and envy. The heroine of ABC’s Scandal has almost as many incredible jackets as she does snappy comebacks in her daily life as a political fixer. Though most of Olivia’s jackets come with a hefty price tag - her wardrobe includes labels like Burberry, Prada and Donna Karan - this week our fearless leader threw the Gladiators a bone, rocking a vegan leather, hooded jacket by Free People during her off hours. Want one for yourself? It’s handled. Get Olivia Pope’s hooded, leather jacket for only $168 here.