Reasons Why You're Not Burning Fat

By Angie Lee
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In an effort to lose stubborn fat, you are trying everything. You’re working out more and eating less, yet there are so signs of improvement. Here are four factors that may be hindering your fat loss, despite your best effort.

Your cortisol is too high.
Constantly elevated cortisol production signals the body to store fat and to weaken our immune systems. Unfortunately, the body specifically directs extra fat production to the abdomen. Balancing your cortisol requires a holistic approach of proper training, adequate rest and natural supplementation to aid your stress hormones.

You are overtraining.
When it comes to exercise, more is not always better. The only thing excessive cardio is doing is making your body an efficient-fat storing machine. Your intensity will always trump duration. Trade in your long duration cardio for 20 minutes of sprints or 30-40 minutes of intense weight-training.

You are constantly “dieting”.
Your metabolism is not stagnant and does not enjoy a daily caloric deficit. Consistently eating below 1000-1200 calories slows your metabolic rate and lowers your metabolic capacity. Track your calories and macros for two weeks and assess. I recommend having one to two higher calories days per week.

You aren’t placing your energy in the kitchen.
A common fallacy is that exercise is the ideal way to achieve fat loss. The truth is that 75-80 percent of your fat loss results come from what you eat. Exercise is beneficial for your heart, stress management and building lean muscle tissue, but it does not always equate to fat loss. Focus your energy on your food first.

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