North Korea Shows Off Its Missiles, Says It’s Ready For War With America

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Surrounded by throngs of troops, missile launchers and other military equipment, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un said Saturday that — if necessary — his country is ready to wage a war against the United States.

The tough talk came during a well-rehearsed parade marking the 70th anniversary of party rule in North Korea.

“Our military force is ready to respond to any kind of war the American imperialists want,” Kim said in his speech, according to the Associated Press.

He told crowds that his country’s military forces “are ready to protect our people and the blue sky of our motherland.”

North Korean military aircraft flew in formation above the event, spelling out the hammer, brush and sickle symbol of North Korea and the number 70, USA Today reported.

There was some speculation that Kim would mark the anniversary with a long-range rocket launch, but that never came to pass. The event did, however, showcase what several media outlets said was the country’s first intercontinental ballistic missile.

While North Korea has nuclear capabilities, it is not certain whether they have developed the technology to launch bombs using long-distance missiles.

The UN Security Council currently bans North Korea from using ballistic missile technology.

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