Tips To Switch Up Your Beauty Routine For Fall

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See you later, summer. Fall is in full swing! So, say goodbye to bright lips and sunscreen and welcome the deep moisturizers and even deeper colors. Here are ten ways to achieve beauty perfection for the season.



Let’s face it, we don’t exactly take the best care of our skin in the summer. Sun mixed with sunscreen is the perfect recipe for clogged pores and dried-out skin. Give your face a refresher with a facial. A facial will give you a deep cleansing, increased circulation, facilitate skin cell renewal and improve your overall complexion.

Tone It Down

Swap out the bright eyeshadows and blushes for something more subtle. Focus on a more nude palette with highlighting on your cheek and brow bones. If you’re after a more dramatic look, go with a thicker liner or a smoky eye.

Go Darker


Right in line with the previous point, ditch the sheer summery pink lips for a rich, dark color like Diva by MAC. It will provide a little edge and the perfect bold pout to go along with your cozy knits and leather jackets.

Lay It On Thick

As the seasons change, the cooler air can strip your skin of its natural moisture. Switch out your light summertime moisturizer for something thicker to prevent your face from drying out. You can also throw a serum into the mix underneath your lotion. Serums are more efficient in penetrating the skin to deliver active and beneficial ingredients.

Get Low


Summer is a time for brighter, lighter locks. For fall you’ll want to tone it down. Why not try out a darker color, or simply add lowlights to warm up your tresses?

Clarify and Condition

The sun and swimming can take a toll on your hair, especially if you spend a lot of time in a pool. Chemicals, products and even moisturizer in shampoos can cause build up, which in turn leads to dull, greasy and limp hair. Use a clarifying shampoo like Bumble and Bumble’s Sunday Shampoo to strip the junk off your locks and follow up with a conditioning treatment. The result will be healthier, shinier hair.



Exfoliating can rub away your tan (and self-tanner). But now that the beach days are behind us, it’s time to rid ourselves of those dull, dead skin cells. Treat yourself to a Clarisonic to brighten up your face. If you want to get more in depth than a loofah, take dry brushing for a spin. Not only does it get rid of dead skin, it can also help stimulate the lymphatic system, rid the body of toxins and reduce the appearance of cellulite.


We tend to forget that the sun can cause damage. Even while it is overcast outside and in colder seasons, sunblock could not be further from our minds. While you may not need protection from head to toe, be sure to switch to a daily moisturizer that has an SPF in it to prevent aging and block out harmful rays.

Try A New Coat Of Paint


Fair thee well neons, autumn is no place for shocking hues like Funky Limelight. When it comes to nail polish, fall is about darker, richer hues. Go for a dark plum color like Luxedo by Essie. If you’re not about those deeper tones, try on something a bit more neutral like Over The Taupe by OPI. Both will leave you looking sleek and seasonally appropriate.

Switch It Up

There’s no time like fall to try a fresh new hair style. Whether it is trying some bangs on for size, chopping off a couple inches or simply switching up your part, changing your hair will give you a whole new look and attitude. And with less humidity in the air, your new ‘do will be much more manageable.

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