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Uber Driver Registers His McLaren And Hilariously Captures Passengers’ Reactions

The best Uber driver I ever had was whipping around a 2012 Mercedes, and had upped his game by adding a side to the fairly standard mini-water bottles in back — my man had baskets of candy featuring Dubble Bubble original bubble gum, Swedish Fish and assorted flavors of Tootsie Rolls. If this dude had an aux cord, apple juice (this is how I say iPhone charger now) and OAR blasting, I would have paid to stay.

Oh, and the best part: His vehicle wasn’t under the “black car” cost. It was just standard Uber. That guy is a legend, and owns a spot in the Uber hall of fame, right next to the guy who took a pit stop at his cousin’s place to grab some dope … with my buddy in the passenger seat. True story.

Then there’s the guy above who registered his McLaren as an Uber and filmed his passenger’s. This man is an absolute genius! I’m not sure what level of Uber a bright purple McLaren falls under (it couldn’t be “black car”, could it?), but this dude has certainly earned his place in the Uber hall of fame.

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