5 Ways to Become a Fitter and Healthier Person in 5 Days

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Howdy!! I’m sorry that I am unable to give you guys the regular weekly video post but I promise it’s not because I don’t care. My laptop has gone haywire on me! This is possibly the beginning of computers taking over but I’m no scientist so don’t quote me on that.

Hope all is well!

I currently sit here at the cafe bar of Whole Foods, the Mecca for health foods and hippies around the world. These people inspire me and disgust me all at once, but today they inspire me to write this.


Drink More Water!
I start my day with 23-50 ounces almost every morning. I’m lubricating the system for a big day ahead. Constantly having a water bottle with you at all times (make it reusable — less trash makes the world a better place) should set you up to be hitting the bathroom at least every 90 minutes. Before bed I do exactly what I do when I wake up: 32-50 ounces between dinner and sleeping. If you ever wake up in the morning feeling slightly hungover and your eyes are clamped shut this is often a case of being dehydrated! If your pee is nasty yellow and stinks of salt you’re already starting the day off on the wrong foot. 0

Buy a Scale!
Hold yourself accountable and weigh yourself every day for five days straight (first thing when you wake up). Add the weights up and divide by five and that’s your current weight. Do this every week to keep track of any goals you have and try not to freak out if you’re drastically heavier one day — it usually is just a little extra water or food sitting in your belly.

Cut Sugar and Artificial Sweeteners!
This study shows that sugar and its artificial friends are one of our nation’s biggest problems! If you look at the labeling on the majority of foods you eat you’ll be surprised to see that things like milk have tons of sugar in them, 13 grams per every cup of one percent! By the time you’re done with a bowl of cereal you can easily rack up an equivalent of drinking a can of Coke for breakfast. The response of sugar and its alternatives quickly leads to unnecessary weight gain and potential for problems like type 2 diabetes down the line. READ YOUR LABELS! Quit sugar today!

Write Down Your Goals
Many of the most successful people in the world use this simple approach to starting their day with jotting down every goal they want to accomplish. Start by simply putting down on paper “1. Lose weight 2. Eat more greens 3. Stay away from sugar.” To make the goals more attainable try to make the goals a bit more specific such as “1. Lose five pounds in two weeks 2. Eat two salads a day 3. No more ice cream!” By acting on even one of your goals you will be heading in the right direction and holding yourself accountable becomes more real by taking these simple steps. No goal too small, no dream too big.

Pick and Repeat Daily
Pick an exercise that can be every day for at least five days. Something simple like jogging around the park or 100 pushups will go a long way toward starting a pattern that could change your life. I’m not guaranteeing that there will be huge progress in the next five days but if you choose to continue for up to two weeks or more you’ll be able to see major leaps in the right direction!
As I finish rereading this article I lay snuggled up in the sheets of an Econolodge in Toronto, I miss AMERICA already! My adventures take me further north for racing and perhaps a maple syrup conquest along the way. Stay tuned, I’ll be back with more next week.

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